Declutter Week: The On Purpose

So we’ve talked about two common sources of clutter: paper and things that get left behind. There’s another category – things that we have there on purpose. Sometimes we go blind to things that we have placed on the surfaces in our home. A few years ago, the Nester introduced the idea of a month without accessories. What accessories count? I’m counting all things that set on surfaces, pillows, gee gaw, smalls, little junk What doesn’t count Lamps that we use daily, plants that need to be kept indoors and......

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Declutter Week: The Kitchen Pantry
October 08, 2015

Declutter Week: The Kitchen Pantry

Let’s talk about about another, more specialized area to think about that’s usually out of sight, out of mind: the kitchen pantry. I don’t know about you, but every time I delve into the pantry,...

Declutter Week: Your Schedule
October 09, 2015

Declutter Week: Your Schedule

So hopefully you’ve been making some progress this week on the surfaces of your home. Keep working on them if you have more to go, and let’s look at our schedules. Many times we “don’t have...

Lovely Links - Oct 10
October 10, 2015

Lovely Links – Oct 10

(via Lovely Messes) Simple Line Patterns With Back Stitch | {Lovely Messes} I wish I had more time to work on embroidery. I love the simplicity and the sketch-like look. (Another #write31days series.) Make your...

Deep Cleaning: Master Bedroom
October 12, 2015

Deep Cleaning: Master Bedroom

I talked yesterday about how I would normally start deep cleaning in the kitchen. But my kitchen is currently in a state of disarray and its contents are scattered into the living room, so I’m...

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