Clothing and Textiles: Your Toolbox

While I am trying to be universal in these topics, I must admit that I think men have it easier when it comes to clothing. For the most part, their sizing is based on the actual size of the garment. As women, we must deal with vanity sizing – though I’ve heard of it creeping into men’s fashion as well. I’m sure everyone has had the pleasure of pulling a piece of clothing off the rack in a new store in your usual size and not having it fit.......

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Cooking and Nutrition: Your Toolbox
October 07, 2014

Cooking and Nutrition: Your Toolbox

While the mechanics of cooking hasn’t changed much over the years (unless you’re into molecular gastronomy), nutritional recommendations seem to shift with the wind. Aside from individual tastes and preferences, we have to consider food...

Home Improvement Concept: Level
October 09, 2014

Home Improvement Concept: Level

As you get more into home improvement and DIY projects, there are two concepts that will make what you do look more professional: level and square. (And if you’re going for a rustic, primitive look...

Finance Concept: Net Worth
October 10, 2014

Finance Concept: Net Worth

The accounting definition of net worth is the value of assets less the value of liabilities. Let’s talk plain speak, though. Assets: the value of things you own The money you have in cash – your...

Best of the 'Net
October 11, 2014

Best of the ‘Net

10 Vintage Beauty Tips to Reconsider They include no-heat curls (pin curls or using rag curlers overnight), using moisturizer on your neck as well as your face, and using scarves to protect your hair. *...

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