Home Improvement Concept: Level

As you get more into home improvement and DIY projects, there are two concepts that will make what you do look more professional: level and square. (And if you’re going for a rustic, primitive look then you may want to consider if “breaking the rules” here would be helpful.) Today, let’s talk about ‘level.’ The basic idea of something being level is that the object is parallel to something else. Let’s take hanging a shelf as an example. There are two ways to determine whether something is (or appears to......

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Cooking and Nutrition: Your Toolbox
October 07, 2014

Cooking and Nutrition: Your Toolbox

While the mechanics of cooking hasn’t changed much over the years (unless you’re into molecular gastronomy), nutritional recommendations seem to shift with the wind. Aside from individual tastes and preferences, we have to consider food...

The Vintage Life
October 05, 2014

The Vintage Life

America’s Houskeeping Book describes the American home as “our most vital industry.” While there are so many differing points of view that swirl around this idea of homemaking and housekeeping that stem from past and...

Best of the 'Net
October 04, 2014

Best of the ‘Net

I love to watch educational videos from the 40s and 50s. They’re a great source for the tidbits of knowledge from home economics classes of the past. Here’s one on personal grooming. (And yes. I...

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