Seasonal Menu Planning


How I reset my menu planning for the season, and how I use Plan to Eat to menu plan each week. I had to re-record the video due to an issue with my first version, so I think I forgot to mention all of the things I consider – seasonal or not.

  1. What’s in the fridge. I try to clean the fridge out before I menu plan so that this is fresh in my mind.
  2. What’s in the garden. We grow some of our own vegetables, so knowing what’s in the garden right now (and how much) keeps it from going to waste.
  3. What’s in season. As much as I love strawberries, I try to buy them when they’re in season. Not only are foods in season fresher usually, but they are cheaper. Shopping at a local farmer’s market is a good way to know quickly what’s in season. If you live in an area that doesn’t really have a winter growing season, using frozen or canned veggies is a good way to go. They’re processed at the peak of ripeness, so their nutritional value is often better (if not the same) as what you are buying fresh.

I’ll confess that there are weeks that the menu plan goes awry or just doesn’t happen, but I definitely can tell the difference when I have a plan.

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