Meal Plan Monday – May 1

Menu Plan Monday

This weekend was pretty productive for a change. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling since the beginning of March for both work and vacations, and then I had a full day of teaching for the local apartment association this last Thursday. Friday morning it occurred to me that the teaching day was my last big travel/work/industry commitment until June. I’m oddly excited to get back to my normal routines, this blog, and a regular menu plan.

Saturday we did some minor work in our garden. I did some weeding and culled out some volunteer pumpkin plants. Our landscapers butchered our artichoke plants a couple of weeks ago, so we ended up cutting one down completely (hopefully it will come back again), and the other we trimmed of any artichokes so it can hopefully put some energy to recovery. Worst case scenario, we have to dig out and replant…and wait another two years until they’re ready to produce. You can bet I had a long, stern conversation with the landscapers. They’ve always been told to keep their mitts off our garden beds. Hopefully they get it now.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to guest post on time management for another blog. As soon as the post goes live, I’ll definitely post a teaser and a link here so that you can check it out.

Sunday was our 6th wedding anniversary, and with the trips we’d taken to Orlando and Las Vegas recently and the tall ship charity regatta that we got to participate in last month, we kept it pretty low-key.

This week we are back to business as usual, and I couldn’t be happier.

This week’s menu plan:

Monday: Italian-Style Slow Cooker Roast (from – Crock Cooker Menu Mailer Vol 1 – Winter)
Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff with leftovers from Monday’s roast
Wednesday: Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup
Thursday: Ginger Chicken & Veggies (from Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker)
Friday: out or leftovers
Saturday: Simple Shepherd’s Pie
Sunday: something smoked or grilled (or out)

Menu Plan Monday


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