My Top 2 Resources for Whole-Food Recipes

My Top 2 Resources for Whole-Food Recipes

I’m not a fanatic when it comes to the Paleo (or Primal) diet. I’m not even strict gluten free. But I do try to make whole-food recipes – whether paleo, gluten free or not – as much as possible. When it comes to carbs, my body loves them.  My body wants to hug them and pet them (and call them George. Ahem.) But really, when I eat a lot of bread and simple carbs, I gain weight. My experiment of one over the years has taught me this and reinforced it. Instead, I try to focus on vegetables and limited complex carbs as my source of carbohydrates.

Each week when I’m planning my menus, there are just a couple of websites and books where the majority of my recipes come from. These are also where I go when I’m looking for new recipes to break us out of our rut. Most of the time I’m looking for low-risk, tasty foods that don’t need a lot of modification or adjustment to taste good.

My Top 2 Resources for Whole-Food Recipes

Paleo Plan: While they offer a paleo menu subscription service, they also have their recipes available for free. I was a member of the paid menu plan for quite a while, so I definitely highly recommend it. They even have the ability for you to edit the menu they send out so you can remove/replace meals that you don’t want to/can’t eat. (The one food I’m allergic to is avocado, and it can be a paleo staple so it was nice to be able to remove recipes where it wasn’t easy to remove or leave off.)

Against all Grain: Some of her recipes are offered through her website, but most of her recipes I get from her two books. I bought Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple (affiliate link) first, and I have not had a bad meal out of it yet. She knows her way around the spice cabinet, so all of her food is very flavorful and as far from bland as you can get. Bonus for following the menu plans in her book? She plans to use up partial containers of food in another meal the same week. I appreciate that. I hate the 2/3 container of tomato paste that lingers for weeks when I can’t figure out how to use it up. Her first book, Against All Grain (affiliate link) looks pretty great too. Full disclosure – I just got it and haven’t made anything out of it yet.

Honorable Mention Resources: I still have quite a few recipes from when I subscribed to their weekly menu service. The website has menus for a variety of needs: regular, for two people, paleo, heart healthy, low carb…

The Kitchn: Another place that I go when I’m looking for inspiration. They have some good takes on basic dishes, like stew and shepherd’s pie.

What are your go-to websites or books for whole-food recipes?

My Top 2 Resources for Whole-Food Recipes


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