Resetting Your Email

Resetting Your Email

While not technically part of your home, your email inbox is just one more thing that most of us have to deal with (or should be dealing with) on a daily basis. I got an email from Google apps (which runs our company email) yesterday and learned that I have the dubious honor of being the person that receives the most email in our company. Yes, more than my mother, who also receives most of her personal email through that email address and generally has 4000+ unread email messages at any given time. (It’s because of her that I learned that the iPhone will display 5+ numbers of unread messages – she was over 10,000 unread at one point. Yikes!) All that to say, I know a little something of which I speak. Of course, my person email account isn’t generally quite as clean.

If you’re starting with a ton of emails, start by deleting messages from people you don’t know, newsletters that you’ll never read (or that are older than a month), messages from people that are just junk or hoaxes, and messages from benevolent Nigerians or others who claim to have money for you.

Next, either sort by sender or search from a sender that you have a lot of email messages from. Start deleting the ones you don’t need: issues you don’t care about, outdated emails that are still left after your first pass.

If you’re using gmail, archive the emails that you think you might need some day. You have a lot of storage available and can always search for them later. The idea is to get them out of your inbox so you can pay attention to what is important as it comes in.

Worst case scenario? Do what I do periodically for my mom’s inbox. Declare email bankruptcy. Select anything that is older than a week and archive it. I don’t even bother to look through it. If you need it, you can always search for it.

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