The Art of Stress Free Productivity

The Art of Stress Free Productivity

On Mondays we watch a video at the end of our weekly meeting. Usually something inspirational, we feel empowered to go out and do great things.

I’ve been a huge follower of David Allen and the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy for quite a while, when my sister chose to show one of his TEDx talks, I was inspired all over again by everything I heard and remembered from reading over the years. Rather than try to explain it, I’ll leave you with the video.

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31 Days 2016 - Reset Your Home

This post is a part of the series 31 Days to Reset Your Home, part of the 31 Days challenge. Please join me during the month of October. Each day I’ll be posting what I’m working on, challenges so you can join in, and update my progress (and hopefully hear about yours!). The 31 Days challenge is a writing challenge to pick a topic and write a post on it every day in October.


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