Lovely Links – Oct 10

Lovely Links - Oct 10

Simple Line Patterns with Back Stitch(via Lovely Messes)

Simple Line Patterns With Back Stitch | {Lovely Messes}
I wish I had more time to work on embroidery. I love the simplicity and the sketch-like look. (Another #write31days series.)

Make your bedroom a sanctuary (31 days to Love the Home You Have) | {The Frugal Homemaker}
This is really an area I need to work on. My dresser clutter is out of control, and I’m reaching the point where I need to be honest that the dresser I’m using really isn’t big enough. I either need to get rid of (quite) a few things or get a bigger dresser. But finishing the kitchen needs to come first.

31 Days to a Fabulous Room Makeover Series | {Thrift Diving}
I’ve been reading along in this series even though I’m a little further along in the process on my kitchen. (The drywall is up! The sanding is done! It’s painting time…) There have been several tips along the way that I hadn’t considered, like just moving the clutter initially and waiting to declutter until after the space is redone. Which is what I have done and is why half my kitchen items are scattered hither and yon (or, well, living room and garage, but yeah.)

Make Your Home Smell Good: Fall Simmers | {Clean Mama}
So I spent most of today with apples simmering into applesauce in the crock pot, so our house smells like fall and apple pie. Even though it was nearly 100* outside, it felt just a little bit like fall. I was excited to see this post because I love the associations I have with how the house smells, that add another layer to the holidays.

Lovely Links | Modern Home Economics


31 Days 2016 - Reset Your Home

This post is a part of the series 31 Days to Reset Your Home, part of the 31 Days challenge. Please join me during the month of October. Each day I’ll be posting what I’m working on, challenges so you can join in, and update my progress (and hopefully hear about yours!). The 31 Days challenge is a writing challenge to pick a topic and write a post on it every day in October.


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