Lovely Links Aug 30

Lovely Links Aug 30


Dear Reader | to the one with the tiny room | {Miss Mustard Seed}
Your home doesn’t have to be large to be lovely. I speak from experience as our 1950’s ranchelow (it’s a cottage! it’s a bungalow!) is right at 1000 sq ft.


How to sew Hong Kong and Bias Bound Seams | {Closet Case Files}
As my sewing mojo starts to come back, I remember how much I love the details that go into the inside of a garment as well as the outside. I’m often showing seam finishes to friends and family when I wear an item I’ve sewn for the first time.


Adding a Waist Stay to a Garment | {Lilacs & Lace}
Lilacs & Lace is one of my favorite vintage sewing blogs. Her sewing is exquisite, and she is another one who pays as much attention to the inside as the outside of the garments she sews.

150 Preparedness Items You Need to Stock | {Mom with a Prep}
Whether you are interested in the prepping movement, those of us interested in home economics can learn quite a bit from them. Her list includes basics for setting up a home as well as items you would want to have in case of emergency. (earthquake? flood? hurricane?)

(all images via their website)

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