Lovely Links Aug 2

Lovely Links Aug 2

Today, I rediscovered my RSS feed reader. I had about 700(!) blog posts to read (or not). I’ve cleared out about 300 and also remembered just how much I enjoy some of the blogs and writing out there. Yes, some of these posts aren’t recent, but they are still lovely!


The surprising way to host a dinner party even when you’re exhausted and your house feels messy!  {Kitchen Fellowship}
This sounds like fun, and I have friends who would probably enjoy this while watching a certain shark-themed sci-fi movie…


Salted Caramel Banana Pudding {Hunted Interior}
Both my husband and I like banana pudding. He likes salted caramel. I see this in our future.

Make Old-Fashioned Brine Fermented Pickles Like Your Great Grandmother {Simple Bites}
Pickling is next up on my to-try preserving list.

Tips and Tricks for Fun Chalkboard Art {the handmade home}
I have always loved chalkboard art, and don’t know why I didn’t think about their suggestions for correcting mistakes.

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