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3 Ways to Handle Overwhelm | Home Economics for the Modern Age
September 08, 2015

3 Ways to Handle Overwhelm

This has been a rough few weeks. I have three people in my accounting department. Two have been with us about 2 months, and the one who has been with us 2 years just gave notice. And her notice ends the day before my family and I leave on our first family vacation in 10 years. I can tell you what overwhelm feels like. Trying to think is like trying to pluck a toaster out of a tornado. My brain feels like it’s on a spin cycle. And past......

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Making Up
October 22, 2014

Making Up

One of the things I have come to appreciate as I get older is that I can still play dress up. My style has developed to be somewhat retro – somewhere between the 40s and...

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