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Finance: Your Toolbox
October 03, 2014

Finance: Your Toolbox

Remember my caveat and grace note about numbers? If that is going to apply anywhere for most people, it will be here. Dealing with your personal finances – especially if you’ve ignored them for too long – can be one of the scariest things to face. You can do it! You are not your numbers! Put a stake in the sand and mark where you are. You can’t change anything until you have an idea of where you are. (And who knows! It may not be as bad as you think…)......

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Menu Plan Monday
February 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday – February 25

This is a little late…in fact, I thought I had done this already! This week’s menu plan (and a bit of it in reverse…) Monday: Crock pot chicken (nothing special – just a whole chicken...

October 08, 2000

Potato Kielbasa Skillet

Remember the Sausage, Kale and Potato Soup and how it was one of two recipes always requested by my husband? Well, here’s the other one – Potato Kielbasa Skillet. I found the recipe out on...

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