Functional Planning: Setting Up My Daily Pages


Today’s video is the next in my Functional Planning series – how I set up my daily pages using the Momentum Planner. While not always in the same order, here are the steps I follow to set up my daily pages:

  1. Sync my phone/web calendar with my monthly pages.
  2. Add appointments and meetings to daily pages.
  3. Add routine items (home-related, work-related, the week’s workouts) to daily pages.
  4. Add emergent tasks that are urgent and important.
  5. Add project-related tasks from the weekly page of the Momentum Planner
  6. Set up the week’s menu plan and grocery list.

I’m still trying to find my rhythm with the Momentum Planner. Specifically things that I’m noticing that need some tweaking:

  • what level of detail I want to include on the quarterly/monthly pages
  • the actual size of my projects (mis-labelling some as quarterly, when I could actually complete in a month or as a monthly project when it’s actually more of a week- or day-long task)
  • organizing projects that are related into a hierarchy and planning/tracking the larger items

Honestly, I’ve only been using the Momentum Planner for about a month, and I’m still pretty new (or not new, but out of practice) with longer-term projects and goal setting. Practice makes perfect, though…and requires a lot of white out!


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