Menu Plan Monday – August 8

Menu Plan Monday

So it turned out that last Sunday’s smoked pork loin lasted all week. Wednesday we ended up ordering in pizza, mostly because we were both sick of the pork loin and neither of us wanted to cook. This week is looking a lot less hectic (I hope!), and – fingers crossed – we may have found someone for the open position on my accounting team that has been vacant for over a month now. That alone will go a long way to making it a bit easier to breathe and allowing me to think about something other than work for a change.

On to thinking about the coming week’s menu plan. Based on a post and recommendation from cookingwithpizazz last week, I purchased a set of Freezer Cooking e-cookbooks from New Leaf Wellness. (Quick note: I just saw in an email that she’s extended her sale on her e-cookbooks through the end of the day: August 8 ,2016 at 11:59pm EST. I bought her cookbook bundle – all of them plus a few bonus e-books for about $25. Crazy good deal!) I used to do a lot more of this – pre-making meals and putting them in the freezer to cook later. With life being so crazy lately, it seems like a good time to start this up again. I’m trying one of the crockpot recipes (without freezing it first) on Wednesday. If it turns out well, I’ll start putting up freezer meals.  Most of last week’s menu is transferring forward to this week since we didn’t get to it last week.

This week’s menu plan:

Leftover tri-tip

Grilled Coconut Lime Skirt Steak

Slow Cooker Chicken Curry

Easy Greek Chicken


Menu Plan Monday


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