Menu Plan Monday – August 1

Menu Plan Monday

Now that vacations and the summer rush at work are starting to slow down, I’m working my way into the menu plan groove again. I spent a week in June at a conference in San Francisco, immediately followed by a short trip to go hiking in Yosemite. Getting home was timed with our summer rush at work – summertime is definitely a popular time for people to move to a different home! In the middle of all of that, we also had some personnel changes at the office, which made things extra interesting. Whew!

July brought a break in the form of a vacation to the midwest to visit family and attend the Brickyard 400 race. (NASCAR for those who are uninitiated/uninterested.) We returned from that trip mid-week last week, so I’m just now getting everything back to a normal routine. Our garden is also starting to wind up production, so we’re getting our first influx of tomatoes. I’m hoping to do a post on canning tomatoes in the next few weeks, which we may be doing outside since it’s hot out and we don’t have air conditioning in our house. (No need to heat up the house any more than it already is!)

So that’s a quick catch up on life around here. Believe me, it’s the reader’s digest condensed version.

Looking forward, we have a couple of new series in the works, including one that my husband is writing on smoking your own meat. Stay tuned!

Here’s what this week’s dinner menu plan looks like:

Monday: Leftovers
(Gary smoked a pork loin on Sunday, and we had leftover corn and potatoes as well. Both days the pork loin was served a la Indiana style – thick cut pork chop on a bun. I tried to talk him into doing a hammered pork tenderloin – maybe next time.)
Tuesday: Thai Coconut Skirt Steak
Wednesday: Chipotle Lime Salmon
Thursday: Easy Greek Chicken
(still have this recipe kicking around, untested, what with leftovers from other meals usually still around)
Friday: Out
(I dj at a local swing and blues dance venue, plus I have a happy-hour work event just before.)
Saturday: you find it, you eat it/out
Sunday: something smoked, with enough for leftovers the following day

Menu Plan Monday


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