Another Kitchen Update

Another Kitchen Update

We made quite a bit of progress this weekend on getting our cabinets in. We didn’t even have them put together on Saturday morning, and now they are basically installed. We’ll be putting in some trim pieces still, the cabinet innards, and plywood to cover the top and provide a base for the quartz countertop that will be going in. Eventually.

Kitchen - East

For some reason, I decided today would be a great day to start painting cabinet doors too – it got dark before the first side was completely dry, so now I have plastic over the openings to keep the dogs from nosing about. I hope. Looks like next weekend will be a painting weekend to get as much of the doors and drawers done as possible.

Kitchen - West

I doubt that this will all be completely done by the end of October, but I’m hoping to have everything but countertops and the new sink done by then at least. That means that I should be able to put most everything away and give at least the rest of my house a good cleaning.

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