Declutter Week: Your Schedule

Declutter Week: Your Schedule

So hopefully you’ve been making some progress this week on the surfaces of your home. Keep working on them if you have more to go, and let’s look at our schedules.

Many times we “don’t have time” because we’ve crowded too many other things into our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you or if you are also responsible for getting your family to their commitments as well. Re-examine everything you’ve committed to. Do you enjoy the commitment? Is it fulfilling for you? How many things are you committed to? Is it appropriate for the season of life you’re in right now? How many things are your kids involved in after school? (In my family, we got to do one school/sport and one extra-curricular thing at a time – likely mostly for our family’s sanity, but it also made sure we had time for school work.)

We agree to do things and enjoy doing them at first. But, our lives shift subtly (and not to subtly) over time. Make sure you are leaving time for the important things – for taking care of yourself, your family, your home. This could be allowing for me time, making sure your family is eating nutritious meals instead of drive through every night as you rush around, allowing time for your daily and weekly routines so you don’t have to cram cleaning into your weekends… Everyone’s situation is different, as are their priorities. But, try to look at your commitments about every 6 months.

Daily challenge: Make a list of the things that are important to you. Make a list of the things you and your family are committed to right now. Do you see anything you are doing that doesn’t fit in with what is important to you anymore? Is there anything that you can drop? Maybe change to something that requires less time or money? How do you feel about your current schedule obligations?

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