Declutter Week: The On Purpose

Declutter Week: The On Purpose

So we’ve talked about two common sources of clutter: paper and things that get left behind. There’s another category – things that we have there on purpose. Sometimes we go blind to things that we have placed on the surfaces in our home.

A few years ago, the Nester introduced the idea of a month without accessories.

What accessories count?

I’m counting all things that set on surfaces, pillows, gee gaw, smalls, little junk

What doesn’t count

Lamps that we use daily, plants that need to be kept indoors and alive, wall art, fresh flowers.

Also, I’m going to use the packing party rules that Ryan and Joshua put into place: if I need to use something I’m allowed to get it out. So if I want to light candles, I’ll let myself get out my candlesticks, this isn’t about deprivation, it’s about surrounding myself with beautiful things that I actually use. Also, if I need to do a photo shoot for a third-party, I reserve the right to pull a few things out and the put them back. It’s still my job.

It’s something to consider – examining what we have on our surfaces, living without them for a little bit, and seeing whether those items are something we truly love or whether they’re just habit.

Daily challenge: Go for a period of time without accessories – it could be on a specific surface, in a specific room, or maybe it’s something you decide to do for your whole home. What space will you be clearing? How do you feel with everything removed?

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